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Nonprofit Organization Audit

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Our team of auditors has over 41 years of combined external auditing experience in the area of Nonprofit Organization annual audited financial statements and compliance reporting as well as Nonprofit Organization tax and consulting.

Our staff specializes in this area and is well versed to new rules and regulations affecting the Nonprofit Industry, including changes with the new 990 reporting form. Our auditing staff prides itself on its ability to not only provide traditional external auditing services, but to actually add value to the audit by preparing management letters and proactively assisting our clients problems or potential problems noted during our audit.

Most of our audit procedures for our Non-profit Organization audits are performed off-site in our own office. We have the industry's top-of-the-line auditing software programs as well as practice management tools that enable us to perform paperless audits in various States. See our Client Portal page for more information on our paperless audits.

Cassells & Associates, CPA is the firm of choice by your peers because your industry is our firm’s niche market and we are dedicated to this industry and its reporting requirements.

With Cassells & Associates CPA 41 years of combined auditing experience and greater than 1100 audits conducted you can expect:

  • A staff of experienced professionals specializing in Audits for Nonprofit Organizations
  • A firm that has meet all Peer Review Standards required by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as well as States Board of Accountancy (copy will be provided upon request)
  • Knowledge of The Single Audit requirements and A-133 as well as other compliance issues
  • Diligence in meeting the deadline for completing the audit
  • An audit that meets the reporting requirements of funding sources
  • Staff experienced in preparing Form 990 tax return for nonprofit organizations
  • Very reasonable price due to our efficient process

Cassells & Associates, CPA is a proud member of:

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