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Demo of Our Secure Portals and More

Our Accounting, Tax and Audit services are performed off-site in our own office, when suitable. We have the industry's top-of-the-line auditing and tax software programs as well as practice management tools that enable us to perform paperless accounting, tax and audit service in various States. As part of the paperless environment, we provide each of our clients with a client portal. This secure extension of our firm allows for a faster, more convenient communication and document exchange from anywhere in the state and the country 24/7/365.

Access to this section of our website is reserved for our clients and is provided to them complementary.

Please take a few minutes and explore the various videos of our portal and it functionality. Then give us a call at (954) 889-5828 to get started today.


At Cassells & Associates, CPA we believe the most important goal of our website, is to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

One way we accomplish that is by offering a unique service to you—NetClient. NetClient is a secure means for you to communicate with us, and for us to transact business. NetClient allows you to work and access information when it is convenient for you.

NetClient also enhances our ability to serve you no matter where your business is located throughout the country. How? With our secure file exchange you have the ability to upload documents to us at your convenience 24/7/365.

We've put together a short demonstration of what this service can do for you. And remember this is at no cost to you.

Please take a look at the demo! Click here

Current client login.

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This video shows how our payroll service works and how it will take the hassle out of processing your payroll.

Click here


Entering Payroll Data in Remote Payroll Data Entry
This video shows the steps involved in entering payroll data through NetClient CS. Length: 4:46

Printing Checks through Remote Check Printing
This video demonstrates how to print your own payroll and vendor checks through Remote Check Printing. Length: 2:36

Paying Invoices through the My Invoices Feature
This video demonstrates how to pay invoices using a NetClient CS portal after a notification email arrives. Length: 2:07

Viewing and Downloading Files from File Exchange
This video shows how to access and print files through the File Exchange module. Length: 2:29

Uploading Files to File Exchange
This video shows how to upload files to File Exchange, if we've given you permission to upload files. Length: 3:24