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Form 990 Returns of Organization Exempt From Income Tax

The New Form 990, Returns of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, contains some of the most far reaching changes that the exempt organization community has had to contend with in its reporting history. The new form is virtually identical to the original form, except that the new form is made up of eleven core sections and sixteen functional schedules. The key to the new form is visibility, transparency, and accountability.

The new Form 990 is separated into two distinct sections:

  • Section I - Part I through Part XI which have to be completed by all exempt organizations;
  • Section II - A number of additional schedules - the ones required depending on the organization's exempt purpose and conducted activities.

Cassells & Associates, CPA with over 80 years of combined experience preparing 990 tax returns will unlock the complexities of your return to ensure accuracy and timely filing:

With Cassells & Associates, CPA you will get a firm that:

  • Has extensive experience in preparing 990 tax returns, including the required schedules
  • Working knowledge of the nonprofit community accounting and tax needs
  • Is diligent in meeting deadlines for filing your tax returns so as to avoid those high tax penalties
  • Is staffed by auditors with extensive experience in the audits of nonprofit organizations
  • Very reasonable price due to our experience and efficient process

Our firm has the ability to serve our clients from almost anywhere in the United States with our State of the Art Highly Secure Encrypted Client Web Portal. With this portal our clients can upload all of the documents needed to prepare their 990 tax return, therefore eliminating or reducing unnecessary travel time and delivery fees. This process also allow us to serve our clients in a more efficient and cost effective manner, resulting in significant savings to our clients.

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